taylored studio is a design-led architectural practice led by William Taylor and founded in 2007. 

Giving and sharing is the energy that drives us. The studio builds on William’s 20+ years of experience, both in New Zealand and overseas, and an unwavering desire to create spaces where people feel a sense of belonging.

Our expertise is broad. We’ve designed, managed and led projects on a small and large scale, from deeply personal residential builds to smart commercial developments and community-enhancing projects. There is no preconceived taylored design — we’re attracted to projects where there is a human story to be told with our client.

At its heart, the taylored approach is a collaborative one. It’s about finding common ground between the client, architect and builder. We specialise in people, exploring and celebrating what makes them different so that we can make a difference with the projects we design with them.

Together, we create spaces to belong.