sunlight or moonlight? indoor outdoor flow – drift slip rest recline restore – stop repair retire retread – house and home – flow light into dark – light and shade – company or solitude? room to think – a seat a stool a wedge a chair and a table – cosy or exposed open air inside snug – a cave – a secret doorway – shelter – window hutch lookout lockup – safe and sound – house and home – welcoming – family hangout – good energy – cook eat party afternoon nap – sleep or slumber?

We are a small architectural practice with a diverse portfolio. Our studio ethos puts people at the centre of every project. We listen, we question, we explore.

Often, architecture is about everything else other than architecture. You’re dealing with different people's worlds and the task is not to talk architecture, in the first instance, it’s to talk to the client and build their trust. That’s the first goal.
William Taylor